TIC Gums will introduce new ingredient solutions for plant-based formulating at Natural Products Expo West 2019. The company will be showcasing the new solutions in four prototypes that tap into one of food industry’s largest trends: plant-based eating. 

Stop by booth #1937 to see the Ingredion family of companies and chat with the Gum Gurus® to learn more about how TIC Gums is developing simple solutions for specific formulating challenges.

Simplistica™ YG 3206 Ingredient System: Plant-Based Cashew Yogurt

Simplistica YG 3206 ingredient system leverages faba bean protein and an optimized blend of stabilizers to enhance texture and mouthfeel in vegan yogurt fortified with protein.

To showcase the functionality of Simplistica YG 3206 ingredient system in plant-based yogurt formulations, TIC Gums has developed a cashew yogurt with turmeric and black pepper that will be available for sample at Expo West. This cashew-based yogurt delivers 5g of protein and addresses common challenges when working with vegan formulations from maintaining protein levels in line with dairy counterparts to protecting texture and taste.

Ticaloid® Ultrasmooth CL: Matcha Chai Instant Shake

Dairy-free fortified instant beverages often have an increased amount of perceivable particulates due to the addition of plant-based proteins, vitamin-mineral blends, fiber and other nutritional ingredients.

To target texture in these protein beverages, product developers can leverage the benefits of Ticaloid Ultrasmooth CL. This cold-water soluble hydrocolloid system suspends and stabilizes protein shakes and meal replacers while also improving mouth coating with label-friendly ingredients.

To showcase the functionality of Ticaloid Ultrasmooth CL, TIC Gums has developed a plant-based matcha chai instant shake available for sampling at Expo West. The prototype also features Simplistica BV 0358, an ingredient system that builds back sweetness and functional properties when formulators develop reduced or low sugar beverages without compromising on texture or flavor.

TICorganic® Ticagel® GC-553: Vegan Gummies with Nutritional Oils

TICorganic Ticagel GC-553 is an organic system designed to stabilize and control syneresis in gummies fortified with nutritional oils. A vegan, organic gummy model made with TICorganic Ticagel GC-553 will be available to sample at Expo West. The prototype showcases a 0.5% oil load using coconut oil, but TICorganic Ticagel GC-553 can support oil loads up to 15%, creating an ideal, gelatin-free delivery system for a full spectrum of oils.

TICorganic Ticagel GC-553 allows formulators to easily and efficiently reach the label claim requests that continue to penetrate the market, such as organic compliant and vegan.

Dairyblend Natural IC 21: Mango Lassi-Inspired Frozen Dessert

As with many non-dairy applications, non-dairy frozen dessert formulators must work to deliver a recognizable and enjoyable eating experience that mimics that of full-dairy counterparts.

Dairyblend Natural IC 21 is a label-friendly stabilizer blend that provides freeze/thaw stability, emulsification and mouthfeel to premium grades of both non-dairy and dairy frozen desserts. It is a versatile blend that allows for simpler labeling as it can be used without added mono- & di-glycerides. Dairyblend Natural IC 21 will be featured in a mango lassi-inspired frozen dessert prototype available for sampling at Expo West.

Emerging Business Booth

Take your idea — and emerging company — to the next level with resources, expertise and plant-based ingredient solutions that can help you grow. Visit the Ingredion Emerging Business Booth at Expo West Booth #2117 to meet with real emerging companies who have grown with the Ingredion Family of Companies. They will be showcasing their newest products created with ingredient solutions from Ingredion, TIC Gums and Kerr.

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