The United Soybean Board and QUALISOY used this year’s 2019 Institute of Food Technologists’ exhibition in New Orleans to promote the many benefits of high oleic soybean oil in food manufacturing applications. 

To demonstrate the oil’s versatile and value-added attributes, QUALISOY hosted celebrity chef and food buttercream sculpture artist Becky Wortman for a special customer event at New Orleans’ Calcasieu restaurant. The award-winning Wortman owns a pastry business, Cream Jewel, in Spokane, Wash., and has sculpted live at such events as the Chicago Fine Chocolate Show, Spokane Decadence, Las Vegas Catersource, ICES Convention, and American Culinary Federation national convention.

At QUALISOY’S event, Wortman discussed how high oleic soybean oil works as a drop-in oil solution in a range of applications. She also led a live cooking demonstration to showcase the oil’s versatility and benefits to hors d’oeuvres, icings and more. 

While she worked, Wortman discussed high oleic soybean oil’s many benefits to manufactured products, including …

improved shelf life: High oleic soybean oil provides superior resistance to oxidation, which extends shelf life for packaged products and fresh baked goods.

desired neutral flavor: High oleic soybean oil features a neutral flavor profile, allowing the true and natural flavors of ingredients to stand out.

clean label, sustainable appeal. High oleic soybean oil offers food manufacturers a US-grown, sustainable ingredient that shoppers desire – and qualifying products can be labeled as “U.S.-grown” and “heart healthy.” It also offers food manufacturers the ability to remove natural and synthetic antioxidants that are often added to edible oils used in food applications to control oxidation and extend product shelf life. While these food-grade chemicals have been used successfully and safely for years, the use of high oleic soybean oil eliminates the need for such additives.

… improved fat profile: High oleic soybean oil contains lower saturated fat and three times the amount of beneficial monounsaturated fatty acids, compared to many conventional vegetable oils, which benefit heart health when consumed in moderation.

… heart health appeal. The FDA authorized the use of a qualified health claim for oils high in oleic acid, including high oleic soybean oil, and their relationship to a reduced risk of coronary heart disease when replacing oils higher in saturated fats. The claim can be added to the labels of qualifying high oleic soybean oil-containing products.

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