At a time when foodservice operators are pivoting to counteract the world's health pandemic, menu innovation and addressing consumer's evolving demands are more vital than ever. Innovative Colorado-based start-up Planterra Foods is answering the call and launching a line of OZO™ plant-based protein products with unbelievable taste, exceptional ingredients and nutritional advantage. Customers can feel good knowing they are eating a clean protein option full of flavor and made with non-GMO, soy-free ingredients. The OZO foodservice line is now available in four plant-based offerings: burgers, ground, nuggets and breakfast sausage patties, catering to all dayparts.

Listen to Bryan Clardy, Head of R&D, Planterra Foods, talk about innovation behind OZO.

The debut of OZO will elevate the protein possibilities that foodservice operators can feature on their menu to attract new customers and increase check averages. To support its partners during this recovery period and offset food costs, Planterra Foods will be providing foodservice operators $10 per case rebate offers through the end of the year, along with a limited time offer of 50% off with the purchase of two or more cases (up to 30 cases) for foodservice broadline distributors. Foodservice partners will also have access to an OZO toolkit to help navigate the unprecedented landscape brought on by COVID-19, with convenient to-go solutions like branded burger wraps, seamless recipe inspiration, signage to highlight their new plant-based offerings and premium sanitation essentials – such as branded face masks – for staff and patrons.  

OZO protein products contain no cholesterol and less calories, fat and saturated fat than 80% lean ground beef, as well as other leading plant-based protein brands currently in the market. All of the new OZO products have up to 22 grams of protein per serving, are non-GMO and certified vegan by BeVeg. Further setting itself apart from other plant-based protein offerings, Planterra Foods uses a high-quality pea and rice protein that relies on the fermentation of shiitake mycelia (root) to create a nutritionally superior product that enhances the taste and minimizes the flavor impact, while improving the digestibility of the plant-based protein. Committed to foodservice excellence and innovation, Planterra Foods is setting itself apart with its OZO plant-based nuggets made using breading that contains cauliflower for extra crispness, providing foodservice professionals with a delicious, better-for-you plant-based protein option.

Beginning in September, foodservice operators can add a twist on familiar favorites to their menu for patrons eager to try these nutritious plant-based proteins without compromising on flavor. OZO's introductory plant-based foodservice portfolio is available in the following sizes: Burgers (eight 5ct sleeves x 4oz patty packs); Ground (four 2 x 1.25lb saddle packs); Breakfast Sausage Patties (four 2.5lb resealable bags) and Nuggets (four 2.5lb resealable bags). The new OZO line of plant-based protein features turnkey stay-fresh packaging, including easy-open peel tops and re-sealable bags, for ease of handling and opening for foodservice operators.