Carolina Fryer
Managing Director
Mission Field

Katie Cleary
Director of Consumer Insights
Campbell Soup Company

Alan Murray

Although large CPG companies have many tools in their innovation tool chest, they often leave opportunities behind when they don’t fit a perceived model of scale, channel and support. The “Actuator”, a new innovation model by Mission Field, Boulder, Colo., is meant to help change that scenario by quickly monetizing multiple disruptive ideas that show promise through creating entrepreneurial action and managing risk. 

Mission Field Partner Carolina Fryer (formerly WhiteWave) will share this entrepreneurial inspired alternative model to launch and prove out high value concepts in-market with real world learning. Come hear Fryer also flesh out real world innovation examples with Alan Murray, CEO of GoodBelly probiotic foods & beverages (Next Foods), and Katie Cleary, Director of Consumer Insights, Campbell Soup Company.

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