Van Drunen Farms and SouthAm Freeze Dry recently announced a new partnership whereby Van Drunen Farms will take a majority stake in SouthAm.
SouthAm is a trusted freeze-dried fruit supplier to many global CPG companies and is widely known as a leader in delivering high quality freeze-dried ingredients. Its headquarters are just outside of Chile’s capital, Santiago. The company enjoys strong competitive advantages that come from its ability to leverage direct, local access to the rich farming output of Chile and the South American supply chain. SouthAm combines a local focus with an international reach.
The investment in SouthAm provides Van Drunen Farms, including its dietary supplement powerhouse FutureCeuticals, a key competitive advantage for South and Central American fruits in the food, functional food, and supplement spaces, as well as continues SouthAm’s innovation, which is focused on the development of native herbal, fruit, and vegetable ingredients. The partnership allows both organizations to enhance their access to global supply, which benefits each of their respective customer bases.

Cassel Salpeter & Co., served as exclusive financial advisor to SouthAm. The team was led by Chairman James S. Cassel and Director Philip Cassel.