Shallots are a delicious ingredient that can be incorporated into many recipes, especially when an upscale twist is desired. Van Drunen Farms (VDF) is pleased to offer Freeze-dried Shallot, which makes food preparation and production easier. 


In the same family as onions and garlic, shallots offer a milder, sweeter taste than onion, while also offering a complex afternote and spiciness that resembles garlic. The unique flavor profile lends itself to a variety of food items, but peeling and preparing shallots takes time. They also have a limited shelf life. Turn to VDF’s Freeze-dried Shallot for a more easily handled and stored option.

Diced Freeze-dried Shallot from VDF can be used to top flatbreads, added to quiches and other egg dishes, or to add an interesting kick to sauces and dips. Use this product for casseroles, soups, bread, bagels, mashed potatoes, and in condiments such as salad dressings, marinades, or sandwich spreads.

This product can be rehydrated and added to foods or used in dry mixes. Basically, use this product in any recipe that calls for onions for an upscale boost of flavor. In addition, Freeze-dried Shallot Powder may be used as a seasoning, similarly to how processors might use onion powder in a recipe.

Van Drunen Farms is a family-owned company located in the fertile farmland of the Midwest. VDF manufactures an extensive line of all-natural, conventional, and organic, whole-food fruit, vegetable and herb ingredients. Customization is a specialty.

— Van Drunen Farms,