Cece's® Veggie Co., an Austin, Texas-based food brand known for shaking up the produce department with veggie reinventions, launched Fresh Veggie Ramen, a new product line of heat-and-eat veggie-based ramen soups.

A veggie twist on a classic cult-favorite, Cece's® Veggie Co. Fresh Veggie Ramen replaces the traditional (carb-loaded) ramen noodles with veggie noodles in two varieties.

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• Chicken Broth with Organic Perfectly Boiled Egg & Organic Veggies

This fresh veggie ramen offers a fresh and plentiful veggie mix base, paired with culinary chicken broth and topped off with boiled, organic, certified humane egg.

Cece's Veggie Co. has partnered with PECKISH to provide perfectly boiled organic eggs as a tasty finishing touch to its fresh veggie ramen. PECKISH eggs are always Organic, Free Range and Certified Humane. They've mastered the process for gently boiled eggs with soft, creamy yolks.

• Vegan Shiitake Mushroom Superfood Broth with Organic Veggies

This fresh veggie ramen pairs culinary shiitake mushroom broth with a fresh and plentiful organic veggie base featuring butternut squash, carrots, cauliflower and spiralized zucchini. 

Besides providing a rich base for meat-free broth, shiitake mushrooms are nutritional powerhouses and have been shown to promote health in a variety of ways. Their nutrient profile contains a rich combination of B vitamins, which help boost energy production and brain function. Shiitakes are also a good source of zinc, which helps ward off the sniffles, and studies have also shown that these tasty fungi have measurable anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

Cece's® Veggie Co. Fresh Veggie Ramen is ready to heat-and-eat in just minutes. Veggie ramen is satisfying, low-carb and craveable with less prep, less mess and more veggies.

Cece's® Veggie Co. Fresh Veggie Ramen has an SRP of $5.99 for an 11.75-ounce package that provides two servings.