Fermented Sciences, Inc. (FSI) maker of Flying Embers Hard Kombucha has developed a proprietary process in partnership with zümXR®, using a patented technology to create a shelf stable probiotic hard kombucha. Flying Embers contains both live probiotics and native kombucha bacteria without the use of pasteurization. 

Fermented Sciences Inc. (FSI) was founded in 2017 by Bill Moses, a well-known expert in the art and science of fermentation, co-founder and former CEO of KeVita, which he sold to PepsiCo. Flying Embers handcrafted hard kombucha is the first product line developed and launched by FSI.

The patented probiotic encapsulation technology, developed in an exclusive partnership with zümXR®, ensures that the probiotic strain of Bacillus coagulans SNZ 1969 and the kombucha bacteria can continue to thrive at room temperatures without dying off.
Flying Embers is made with a SCOBY, tea, and sugar. FSI's proprietary process cultivates a unique combination of native kombucha bacteria strains from the acetobacter family. These specific aerobic strains are able to survive in the finished product at room temperatures. This innovative method also employs a dry fermentation process, resulting in zero grams of sugar. Without sugar, the yeast from the SCOBY cannot cause spoilage by propagating at room temperatures.

The result is a shelf stable hard kombucha with live probiotics and native kombucha bacteria, both of which can survive and maintain exceptional quality on warm display at retail without the need to be refrigerated – making it more healthy, portable and convenient for consumers. 

Additionally, other hard kombuchas in the market that claim to be "probiotic," may not meet the World Health Organization (WHO) qualification of having enough live probiotics that provide verified health benefits. The WHO states that without a specific, verifiable quantity of probiotic organisms supported by clinical data on the specific bacteria strain the product cannot legally qualify to be considered as a probiotic and any brand claiming to contain them is falsely advertising. FSI's Flying Embers is the only hard kombucha with live probiotics that meets the WHO standards.