Kemps, a Minnesota-based dairy, introduced a shelf-stable, on-the-go canned milk product available at Roundy's Supermarkets at Pick 'n Save and Metro Market throughout the Milwaukee and Madison area. The new beverage, siips, offers an indulgent and on-trend flavor combinations packed with protein.

siips is available in four varieties and was developed alongside consumers through deep insight work with tweens and teens. Milk has been around since the beginning of time and this portable solution brings it out of the refrigerator, into the 21st century and into the hands of anyone, anywhere. siips retails for $1.49 per can.

Each siips flavor is low fat and made with 100% real milk. Every 8 oz can contains 8g of protein, is packed with vitamins A and D, and provides 25% of the recommended daily value of calcium. The line includes Caramel, Mocha and Chocolate.