KIND Healthy Snacks (KIND) announced its biggest innovation expansion ever – consistent with its intention to become the foremost global leader in healthy snacking. KIND will seek to bring innovative alternatives to taste-focused aisles, such as frozen treats. Like all KIND snacks, the newest offerings were created in a way consistent with the KIND Promise: the first ingredient in its snacks is always a nutrient-dense food recommended for daily consumption.
Consumers are now able to find KIND in the following new aisles of the grocery store:
Frozen Aisle: In a category where 'better-for-you' too often comes with artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols and 'real ingredients' comes with indulgence, KIND FROZEN™ Bars define a new space so you can feel good about enjoying the frozen treat you deserve. KIND FROZEN Bars are plant-based, creamy frozen treat bars made from nutrient-dense nuts, layered with smooth dark chocolate and nut butter.
Chocolate Aisle: KIND® Bark is one of the first-ever treat offerings that leads with a nutrient-dense first ingredient. KIND Bark features nuts and is made with 55% cacao dark chocolate that is Fair Trade certified, giving consumers a treat that they can feel good about eating. Most retailers will choose to shelve KIND Bark in the chocolate aisle.
Refrigerated Aisle: the refrigerated snacking category remains largely untapped, yet demand continues to rise. KIND is bringing its expertise to this aisle with KIND® Nut Butter Bar, its first-ever refrigerated, smooth and creamy nut butter protein bar.
Snack Mix Aisle: The KIND snack mix platform will introduce hand-to-mouth, grain-free versions of best-selling KIND bars. The new offerings fall into the following sub-categories:
KIND Nut & Fruit Clusters
KIND Nut & Seed Clusters