At the Consumer Analyst Group of New York (CAGNY) annual conference, Tyson Foods, Inc. CEO Noel White, reiterated that “Tyson Foods’ scale, diversified portfolio, international footprint and financial track record uniquely position the company for continued, long-term growth at a time when there’s growing global demand for protein.”

Dean Banks, who recently joined Tyson Foods as its president, said, “We have a global opportunity and innovation across our portfolio is the key,” adding, “I have a passion for innovation and have been impressed with the innovation culture at Tyson Foods.”

Banks highlighted Tyson® Air Fried Perfectly Crispy Chicken, Tyson® Instant Pot®1 Kits, Jimmy Dean® Omelet Minis, Jimmy Dean® Loaded Sausage Bites, Hillshire Snacking® Bruschetta and Pact® as examples of Tyson Foods’ innovations sparked by insights into consumers’ desire for protein-packed foods that are fresh, flexible and functional.

He described the strength of Tyson’s businesses:
The company’s beef and pork businesses are elevating their product mix through premium programs.
Tyson Foods’ chicken business model is a competitive advantage over the long term due to the diverse portfolio of products and innovation driving satisfaction with customers.
The Prepared Foods segment is experiencing “amazing growth and momentum. Insights and innovation are driving sales growth and creating shareholder value.” 

Banks reported that Tyson Foods’ alternative protein portfolio shows tremendous promise. “It supplements our existing protein portfolio,” he said, “and I’ve been impressed with the quality and breadth of options we have planned for this summer.” He also noted how the company has expanded its international business through both organic growth and acquisitions.

1 Instant Pot® is a registered trademark of Instant Brands Inc.