The following is an excerpt from a recent Mattson Insights & Strategy Team Study.

As an industry we’ve read lots of published research on consumer attitudes and purchase behavior during the COVID-19 crisis. Those who manage existing food and beverage brands have been in the thick of it, dealing with huge swings in demand, closures, new operating procedures, and the like.

As an innovation agency, we were curious to learn about attitudes and perspectives from leaders inside the industry. In particular, how they think COVID-19 might impact the future of food innovation, development, launch, and success with retail customers and consumers.

To this end, we executed a survey of Food & Beverage Industry professionals to ask these important questions. We distributed the survey through our Mattson Insights & Innovation Newsletter and partnered with our colleagues at Food Navigator and Prepared Foods to share the survey amongst their widespread networks. The survey fielded April 8-19, 2020 and was completed by 185 professionals. Here’s what we learned...

Download the Mattson Insights & Strategy Team Study.