Bluegrass Dairy and Food, Inc., announced that it has changed its name to Bluegrass Ingredients. The updated name is part of a larger rebrand and leadership initiative that reflect the company's evolution from a leading dairy powder producer to a research-driven specialty ingredient provider. Bluegrass Ingredients' Agile Innovation™ Model offers a formalized approach to delivering a wide range of products and solutions for customers, including citrus powders, vegan and clean-label formulations and custom ingredients.
Huffman joined Bluegrass in 2017 and under his leadership, the company has brought on several additional highly experienced food industry professionals to help develop and execute an ambitious plan to expand the business using its innovation-driven approach. Proprietary spray drying, blending and product development processes allow a team of flavor engineers to rapidly prototype new products to match customer specifications or introduce new formulations into the marketplace.
Bluegrass Ingredients has continued to expanded its product offering beyond dairy powders to now offer citrus powders and a number of specialty ingredients including non-dairy, vegan and clean-label formulations.