Future Meat Technologies ("Future Meat"), a company developing innovative food technology to produce cultivated meat, changed its name to Believer Meats ("Believer"), effective immediately. The rebranding is a big step in the broader strategic transformation of Future Meat into a technology-rooted food company as Believer prepares for its product launch. Believer's groundbreaking process and technology have paved the way to bring cultivated meat one step closer to commercial viability, pending US regulatory approval. 

The company opened the world's first cultivated meat production line in Israel in 2021, becoming the first company to immortalize animal cells without any genetic modification and has pioneered a culture medium recycling technology that can reduce production costs and waste. Believer is establishing cultivated meat as the new standard around the world—leading a bold change in how meat is produced in our global food system.

The new brand was developed by the company in partnership with leading branding and design agency Red Antler. Believer is intentionally bold, confident, innovative, and designed to stand out in a category of green plant-based brands and red-hued meat brands. Its color palette uses deep blue that feels culinary and a system of supporting colors that feel fresh and vibrant. The Believer wordmark strikes a thoughtful balance between classic culinary and artisanal cues, with the 'B' counterbalancing yet complementing the other components of the mark.

The rebranding follows a series of significant milestone announcements made by the company within the last year, including its significant Series B round of financing, appointment of Johnson-Hoffman as CEO, creation of a global leadership team, and breakthrough in cultivating lamb, among others. The company will scale production of its cultivated meat products at its new commercial-scale production facility, which is expected to break ground in the United States before 2023.