Stauber Ingredients, part of Hawkins Inc., will begin producing and distributing Aquamin Plus, a new ingredient for next generation of joint health products.

Marigot Ltd., Cork, Ireland, produces and markets a line of marine-based ingredients called Aquamin. Then Marigot developed a new blend specifically for joint health, called Aquamin Plus.  Aquamin Plus is a proprietary blend containing; Aquamin (a red algae ingredient harvested in the fjords of Iceland high in calcium and 73 other minerals), Aquamin Mg (a magnesium ingredient produced from Irish seawater), enzogenol and vitamin D. 

A 2019 study and 2020 published paper in the Complementary Therapies of Medicine by Heffernan, et al, at the University College Dublin, compared Aquamin Plus to glucosamine in a double-blind crossover study on mild-symptomatic osteoarthritis patients. Marigot and Stauber officials say results demonstrated that Aquamin Plus is an excellent joint health product and is superior to glucosamine in many ways.  

Aquamin Plus improved the patients’ overall quality of life, reduced pain level and increased the distance they could walk. It also improved the number of times patients could stand up and walk—over a given time range. Study result also showed Aquamin Plus reduced patient use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAIDs) by 72% compared to patients on glucosamine. 

Aquamin Plus is now commercial and produced and marketed by Stauber Ingredients, part of Hawkins Inc. Stauber has been in the distribution and processing of dietary supplement, food, pet and personal care ingredients since 1969 and was acquired by Hawkins in 2015.  Aquamin Plus is being produced in the US at Stauber’s Florida, N.Y., processing plant.

Aquamin Plus is available in two forms, the first is a “ready to tablet” granular blend with excipients and the second is an excipient free powdered blend. Aquamin Plus can be produced in tablets, or used in capsules, powdered drinks, food products, and in a wide range of applications.  

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