American Licorice® Company, one of the original licorice manufacturers in the US candy industry since 1914, launched five product varieties to its Red Vines® and Sour Punch® brands, inspired by support and feedback from fans of both brands.  
Driven by a mission to celebrate uniqueness and individuality through its Embrace Your Punch™ initiative, Sour Punch is incorporating its uplifting message into its newest stand-out product, which is unlike any other unveiled by the brand in its 30-year history.  
Sweet Bites present an assortment of four new flavors based on fan requests, like Cotton Candy, and are packaged in a collection of six unique Embrace Your Punch themed designs that encourage fans to embrace and appreciate each other’s differences. 
Along with Sweet Bites, Sour Punch is debuting the much-anticipated Sour Punch Fan Favorites Bites, featuring fans’ most beloved flavors together in one bag. Furthering its mission to do good, the Sour Punch SIP-N-CHEW™ Straw takes on plastic straws with an eco-friendly, edible drinking straw that is as much fun to drink from as it is to eat. Sour Punch is also adding Grape Straws, social media fans’ most requested product, as a permanent offering in the portfolio.  
Each of these fan-inspired products will be available on retail shelves nationwide and online beginning late Fall 2020. 
Sour Punch New Product List: 
Sweet Bites: Sweet Bites comes in four non-sour flavors: Dream Berry, Passion Punch, Grateful Grape, and Cotton Candy. Sweet Bites will be available in a 9oz stand up bag with an SRP of $2.99 to $3.49 and a 5oz hanging bag with an SRP of $1.39 to $1.69. Shipping November 2020.  
Fan Favorites Bites: The Sour Punch Fan Favorite Bites assortment features four top-requested, fan favorite flavors: grape, tangerine, fruit punch, and lemon. Fan Favorite Bites are offered in a 9oz stand up bag with an SRP of $2.99 to $3.49 and a 5oz hanging bag with an SRP of $1.39 to $1.69. Shipping November 2020.  
SIP-N-CHEW™ Straws: Sour Punch SIP-N-CHEW Straws are sweet and sour edible drinking straws that can replace plastic straws and are available in two popular drink-pairing flavors: blue raspberry and cherry. They are perfect for frozen or iced beverages. SIP-N-CHEW edible 0.9oz straws come in 12 caddies per case, each caddy including 30 straws with an SRP of $0.89 to $1.00. Shipping November 2020. 
Grape Straws: The Sour Punch Grape Straw is the most requested flavor on social media by brand fans. Grape Straws are packed in a 4.5oz tray with an SRP of $1.29 to $1.79 and a 2oz tray with an SRP of $0.99 to $1.39. Currently Shipping Online Orders. 
Red Vines New Product List: 
SuperStrings®: The Red Vines SuperStrings twists are pull-apart red licorice designed to be peeled, played with and eaten. Most recently only found in the Red Vines California Collection, SuperStrings will now be available in a snack-size 14oz. package with resealable bag. Each bag has an SRP of $2.69 to $ 3.49. Shipping November 2020.