SOUR PATCH KIDS are jumping into individual bins at the candy store, IT'SUGAR. Premiering at over 75 IT'SUGAR stores nationwide and at, SOUR PATCH KIDS are offering larger "big kid" sizes in individual flavors for the very first time.

"We all know how incredibly popular and exciting SOUR PATCH KIDS are," says Jeff Rubin, CEO and Founder of IT'SUGAR. "'Sour Then Sweet' is their tagline, and that fits right in with the irreverent IT'SUGAR brand! It's fantastic to be able to offer them in a new and unique way that I know our customers will literally eat up….but only in their own favorite flavors!"

The sour, then sweet candy will be offered in individual flavors including the original red, orange, yellow and green as well as blue and pink (strawberry) as a bulk offering. Customers can make their own mix in collectible SOUR PATCH KIDS® tins. SOUR PATCH KIDS candies will also be available in a giant size IT'SUGAR box. To further enhance the summer experience, SOUR PATCH KIDS and IT'SUGAR teamed up to create an exclusive line of apparel and accessories including t-shirts for men and women, sleep shirts, phone cases, squishy plush pillows, totes, beach towels, sandals, and drinkware.

"IT'SUGAR's brand mantra aligns perfectly with ours - a little bit of attitude with a whole lot of fun," adds Lauren Fleischer, Senior Associate Brand Manager of SOUR PATCH KIDS. "They have helped us achieve our dream of expanding SOUR PATCH KIDS into a broader lifestyle brand with apparel, decor and novelty products. What's even more exciting is that our devoted SOUR PATCH fans will finally be able to mix and match and choose their own flavors!"