AIDP, Inc. announced that it has acquired the core technology and related intellectual property of Olygose SAS (France). This includes the transfer of patents, manufacturing technology, trademarks, but also pre-clinical and clinical studies, regulatory certificates, and other intellectual know-how.

Working closely with leading public academia and hospitals, Olygose has conducted 10 human clinical studies and 14 pre-clinical (in-vitro, ex-vivo and animal) studies. This research has resulted in 16 patents worldwide. The studies and patents focus on cardiometabolism and gut microbiota modulation.

Olygose was created in 2009 with a focus on developing, and producing innovative prebiotic ingredients sourced from sustainable plant-based raw materials, primarily from peas. It invested more than 10 million EUR in R&D, spread between purification technologies and a comprehensive health science research program. 

Using unique extraction and purification technologies, Olygose has high quality products thoroughly backed by science. Olygose is best known for their key brands Olygose®, AlphaGOS® and CravingZ’Gone®. AIDP has assumed all the rights associated with the brands, production technologies and patents.

AlphaGOS® is a plant-based, lactose-free probiome booster. AlphaGOS® exerts prebiotic effects both in lean and obese subjects by increasing levels of bifidobacteria and modulating SCFAs production. These effects are similar to those of lactose-based GOS which are well-established prebiotics extensively studied in a variety of conditions. 

AlphaGOS® is ideal for 100% plant-based, lactose-free or hypoallergenic infant formulas. AlphaGOS® is soluble in water, tasteless and slightly sweet. It recently secured GRAS status for foods, beverages and infant formula in the USA. This new GRAS certification greatly expands the opportunity for AlphaGOS® and provides a vegan alternative for infant formulas which is a growing segment.

CravingZ’Gone® is a plant-based prebiotic targeting satiety and weight management. In two double-blind placebo-controlled studies, CravingZ’Gone® was shown to decrease appetite and reduce caloric intake. Managing satiety, through the microbiota modulation, is an innovative way to deal with long-term, healthy weight management. CravingZ’Gone® is very rich in galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS), non-digestible soluble fibers well-known for their prebiotic activity.

As part of this acquisition, AIDP secures a new technology on extracting proteins and prebiotics from peas. In addition to the GOS based prebiotic brands, AIDP can offer a new soluble pea protein with neutral taste. This product has great commercial value for vegan functional foods and vegan-based protein drinks, shots and other liquid formulations. In addition, the entire process is highly sustainable, by utilizing all products from the production process.

“This is a key acquisition for AIDP as it expands our prebiotic portfolio and plant-based solutions,” says Mark Thurston, president of AIDP. “We are pleased to bring products based on the Olygose technology to our customers.”

"AIDP has been our most effective marketing partner for AlphaGOS during our ramp-up phase, they are the logical choice to bring this technology to full industrial level," adds François Delbaere, CEO of Olygose. "We are confident in AIDP's success.”

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