AIDP, Inc. is pleased to announce its VegD3® is now organic. Our VegD3 is the only pure plant-based vitamin D3 that can be used as a 1:1 replacement for the animal sourced D3. 

From a sustainable algae source, it offers superior purity and quality to the lanolin D3. The fully traceable supply chain is pesticide, protein and heavy metal compliant. It is Vegan Society approved and there are no supply limitations. This is the only organic crystal Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) for vegans. This is a truly exceptional product for vegans.

AIDP’s VegD3® has excellent organoleptic properties and is highly stable making it ideal for all types of beverages. Vitamin D has been included in milk and juices, respectively, for decades. The change has been in areas such as technologies for improved absorption, and plant-based alternatives to synthetic or animal-derived ingredients.

Research over the last 10 years has produced an overwhelming amount of evidence that vitamin D3 is better absorbed and utilized than D2. Simply put, if you want the best form of vitamin D, choose vitamin D3. Studies have consistently shown that, functionally, vitamin D3 is at least 300% more effective than D2.

As the dietary guidelines are updated, there tends to be a natural shift in the market in response. The guidelines do form a basis for the country’s nutrition policies, so it’s not surprising that the market will adapt. Updates to nutrition facts, labeling requirements and recommended daily allowances are also influential factors in vitamin and mineral fortification as well as product formulations as a whole. There has been a growing awareness for vitamin D3 and now vegan and those interested in sustainable, organic ingredients have a solution.

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