Frito-Lay launched three new products to take game day to the next level. Introducing Tostitos Hint of Guac, Baked Ruffles Flamin’ Hot and Rold Gold Recipe No. 4 Zesty Buffalo—all available now.

Product details:

• Tostitos Hint of Guac: These tortilla chips are lightly seasoned with an amount of guacamole flavor and spice in every bite. Made for dipping with a TOSTITOS salsa. SRP: $4.29 (12oz)

• Baked Ruffles Flamin’ Hot: The newest Flamin’ Hot variety with 65% less fat. With ridges made for any dip or occasion, these are a combination of crunch and heat. SRP: $3.29 (9.75oz), $1.89 (2.75oz)

• Rold Gold Recipe No. 4 Zesty Buffalo: Rold Gold’s three-braided pretzel twists that bring consumers a zesty buffalo kick. Pretzel twists are seasoned for a maximum flavor experience. SRP: $5.99 (16oz)