An exceptional emulsifier, Leprino Nutrition Native Micellar Casein Concentrate (MCC) offers food and beverage manufacturers a clean label replacement for sodium caseinate that also tastes better and has a more efficient cost-in-use. 

“Our Native MCC is an exceptional emulsifying protein, so it’s a stellar replacement for sodium caseinate simply from a functional perspective,” says B.T. Nauslar, vice president, Leprino Nutrition. “But the story doesn’t end there. It has a really clean taste without off flavors, because it’s not chemically treated like sodium caseinate. And perhaps, the biggest advantage since it works so well as an emulsifier is you don’t need as much in many applications, which may result in lower ingredient costs.”   

Simply Milk Protein

Leprino Nutrition Native MCC is a high-quality dairy protein made from Grade A skim milk without bleaching or using chemicals. It’s an undenatured, intact casein. 

“The purity of our product is what sets it apart,” says Nauslar. “It’s gently processed from U.S. milk. First, it’s pasteurized, then microfiltered, and finally, dried.” 

The dry powdered product has a neutral flavor and appealing color, while offering excellent heat stability, solubility and emulsification properties.

Product developers find Native MCC to be a highly functional ingredient that is labeled simply as “microfiltered milk protein.” Common applications where Native MCC excels as a sodium caseinate replacement include coffee creamer, processed cheese, whipped topping, baked goods and more. 

Native MCC often requires less product to achieve better emulsification results than when using sodium caseinate. Therefore, ingredient volume is lower for transportation, storage and handling. Also, Native MCC often has a lower cost-in-use.

High Protein Power

While Native MCC is an exemplary emulsifier, its functional and nutritional properties make it an excellent vehicle for adding protein in applications like ready-to-drink beverages.

“In high-protein beverages, Native MCC has a taste advantage over other protein sources,” says Nauslar. “Unlike other dairy protein sources with flavor off-notes of sulfur and cooked milk, it has a very neutral taste, and lets product formulators start off with a really clean palate for flavor development.” 

Nutritional benefits begin with efficient digestibility. Native MCC is calcium rich and supports the sustained release of amino acids with high leucine levels for muscle protein synthesis. Its nutritional profile makes it an attractive protein for RTD and powdered sports nutrition beverages and other products in the category.        

While protein remains a strong purchase driver for people who look to it for energy and satiation, consumers also want natural, clean label products because they equate that with being healthy.

“Native MCC is an ideal ingredient for today. More and more people want clean, trusted, minimally processed ingredients, sourced locally,” Nauslar concludes. “Transparency and authenticity are valued highly, especially among younger consumers. This trend is being magnified as a result of the pandemic, and we expect Native MCC to grow for years to come.” 

About Leprino Nutrition:  

Leprino Nutrition is the dairy ingredients division of Leprino Foods Company. Headquartered in Denver, Colo., Leprino Foods is a global leader in the production of premium-quality cheese and dairy ingredients. Leprino Foods is the largest producer of mozzarella cheese in the world and a leading manufacturer of native micellar casein concentrate, lactose, whey protein and sweet whey.

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