Vegan food manufacturer, Upton's Naturals, teamed with Dot Foods, a food industry re-distributor. The new relationship will increase availability of the brand's popular 100% vegan meat alternatives for distributors, restaurants and foodservice customers nationwide. Providing super versatile, clean-ingredient, heat-and-eat meat substitutes for the ever-growing population of people embracing plant-based diets, here's how the SKUs breakdown:
• Original Jackfruit: versatile, whole-food swap for pulled pork or shredded chicken
• Banana Blossom: unseasoned, packed in brine, delicious battered and fried to make fish & chips
• Seitan: high-protein meat substitutes made with vital wheat gluten and simple ingredients
• Updog (smoky and savory with signature Chicago hot dog snap)
• Traditional seitan chunks (minimally seasoned, ready to sauce and slice)
• Strips (ideal for sandwiches, stir-fries and fajitas)
Italian seitan crumble (works in any dish made with ground sausage)
• Chorizo seitan crumble (mildly spiced, great for tacos, bowls and burritos)
• Ground seitan (finely ground, lightly seasoned swap for ground beef)
• Gyros (made with lemon juice, marjoram, rosemary and other traditional seasonings)
• Bacon seitan (smoky, sliced and perfect for BLTs, salad or pizza)
• Chickless Patties: tastes great grilled, breaded and fried for sandwiches
• Chickless Strips: perfect for chicken tenders or as a vegan protein option for salads
• Vegan Char Burger: a unique blend of seasoning gives this burger fresh-off-the-grill-flavor