Upton’s Naturals, an ethical vegan company that helped kickstart the jackfruit food trend, is bringing Banana Blossom to market. Mimicking the texture of flaky fish, this 100% vegan, certified organic and Kosher whole-food meat alternative makes creating a plant-based version of the British classic recipe possible.

Also known as a “banana heart,” banana blossoms are an edible, fleshy, tear-shaped flower that grows at the end of a banana cluster. Its flavor is neutral and the texture is soft with just a bite, similar to an artichoke heart. The blossoms offer a valuable source of potassium, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. Upton’s Naturals’ Banana Blossom is also low in fat and calories and completely free of cholesterol, sugar, gluten, soy, oil, GMO’s, and artificial flavors. 

Cooked in a small amount of brine to prevent oxidation, the new product is ready to heat and serve (no draining needed). In addition, the integrity of the flower “filets” are maintained vs. water-logged and broken like their canned counterparts. Home-cooks can batter and fry them to create crisp, vegan fish and chips with spot-on texture.

Packaged in a 7oz retort pouch to maintain freshness, Upton’s Naturals’ Banana Blossom is currently available for retailers to carry and will be sold at Whole Foods Market stores across the country come May. The product is sourced from Sri Lanka.