Seacret Direct introduced ENERGY drink mix, Seacret ENERGY, which is a balanced, botanically sourced, vitality and stamina boosting beverage blend. 

Seacret ENERGY is a USDA-certified organic, plant-based blend of natural ingredients that provides steady energy with antioxidant benefits and no added sugar. Seacret ENERGY has been balanced with the wellness-supporting adaptogenic and antioxidant makeup. It includes a suite of natural ingredients, including: goji berry, acai berry, monk fruit, matcha green tea, green coffee extract, moringa leaf, maca root, ginseng root extract and cordyceps.
Seacret ENERGY is a clean alternative to sweetened, over-caffeinated beverages that rely on synthetic ingredients to produce a quick pick-me up that is often followed by a crash. 

Seacret ENERGY contains organic-certified green coffee bean and matcha green tea to deliver 120 mg of caffeine in each single-serve sachet.
In contrast, synthetically derived caffeine is exposed to from its initial form as ammonia to urea, to achieve purified caffeine. Additional solvents are often part of the process, such as chloroacetic acid, methylene chloride, and chloroform. The body rapidly absorbs the synthetic-derived caffeine, which can result in an energy rush, jitters, anxiousness, and a subsequent feeling of depleted physical energy.
Because Seacret ENERGY utilizes botanically sourced caffeine and contains additional plant-based co-factors, it helps the body modulate caffeine absorption. People experience a smoother, more sustained energy delivery which helps support mental clarity and focus over a longer period of time.