Golden Ratio, the gold coffee category company, launched its newest flavor, Golden Milk, to provide a detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and nourishing morning beverage with the caffeine and lower acidity levels Golden Ratio customers have discovered in existing flavors.
Inspired by traditional Ayurvedic recipes for haldi ka doodh that have been savored and used to treat ailments for millennia, Golden Ratio's new Golden Milk works double-time to provide the golden standard in better-for-you coffee, with ingredients such as turmeric, cardamom, black pepper and monk fruit extract.
The new flavor will be available to purchase directly on the Golden Ratio website for $14.99 for seven servings. Like the company's flagship gold coffee products, Golden Milk is brewed in individual, eco-friendly tea bags, offering consumers a simple single-serving of the traditional beverage.
For additional background on gold coffee, it's an ultra-light roast without the high acidity, bitterness or burnt flavors of regular coffee, and drinks more like tea without sacrificing caffeine.