Following the official launch of Roundhouse Provisions™ and its Emergency Food Supply Kit, the new emergency preparedness food brand is wasting no time expanding its dynamic product range. The company announced, along with spokesperson Chuck Norris, a new nutritional drink dubbed Morning Kick. 

Made with powerful ingredients such as ashwagandha, chlorella, and collagen peptides, Roundhouse Provisions Morning Kick ($79.95) is a strawberry lemonade flavored drink to support healthy digestion, energy levels, overall wellness for your body, and a balanced mood.

Specially crafted to be used daily or in emergencies, each jar contains 30 servings and is designed to last up to two years. That’s why Roundhouse Provisions recommends ordering at least three jars of Morning Kick for your first order. Like the Roundhouse Provisions Emergency Food Supply Kit, Roundhouse Provisions Morning Kick can be prepared quickly and easily, requiring just one scoop of the powder with 8fl-oz of water. 

In a world where there is an ever-growing clutter of claims for thousands of brands and products, people can turn to Norris as someone they know and can trust. Reflecting his values and standard of excellence, all Roundhouse Provisions products feature The Chuck Norris Seal of Approval.