Florida Food Products (FFP), a leader in clean label food and beverage ingredient solutions, presented at FIRST—Food Improved by Research, Science, and Technology—IFT's reimagined virtual event and solution exchange (IFT21). 

FFP’s Educational Session, titled “Understanding Tea – Varieties from Around the World,” took place on Monday, July 19, at 1 p.m. CT as part of the FIRST/IFT21 event and also is available on demand. 

Anuhya Bhaskara, R&D Manager at Florida Food Products and Certified Tea Specialist, showcased trending tea varieties and took attendees on a (virtual) tour around the world. Attendees discovered how tea variety can offer both flavor and a functional punch to their next beverage formulation.

“Understanding Tea – Varieties from Around the World” is designed to help the industry learn more about the many varieties of teas and herbals available. The session explored where varieties are grown and how they are produced. It also looked beyond teas’ sensory characteristics to exmaine how the chemical structure of tea can benefit different beverage formulations.

“We are excited to host an educational session with FIRST/IFT21 attendees,” said Christopher Naese, vice president, business development, Florida Food Products. “We are fortunate to have experts such as Anuhya Bhaskara as a part of the FFP team. Formulating successful tea-based applications requires special consideration of the types of ingredients used and how those ingredients behave to affect overall flavor and functionality. FFP’s tea-based functional beverage concepts are formulated to provide the optimal taste and performance consumers are seeking.”

FFP delivers a multitude of clean label solutions to meet the needs and desires of customers and consumers across the food and beverage industry. Their broad portfolio of ingredients provides food and beverage solutions that offer immune support, digestive health, and natural energy for customers eager to meet and get ahead of growing consumer demands. From real brewed tea and coffee extracts and concentrates to fermented fruit and vegetable powders, FFP has everything you need to make delicious beverage products that will keep your customers coming back for more.

To view the session and learn how each tea variety can pack both a flavor and functional punch in your next beverage, please visit  Understanding Tea – Varieties from Around the World (Sponsored by Florida Food Products) - IFT21 (mapyourshow.com). To find out more about FFP, please visit https://floridafood.com/beverage-solutions

About FFP 

Florida Food Products, Inc. (FFP) has offered a portfolio of healthy, naturally sourced plant-based food and beverage ingredient solutions for over 65 years. Based in Eustis, Florida, FFP has extensive manufacturing capabilities including extraction, fermentation, drying, and blending technologies, with vegetable juice concentrate production facilities in Florida and premium brewed tea, coffee and botanicals in John’s Creek, Ga. Today, FFP is committed to providing innovative clean label solutions that naturally provide exceptional food protection, flavor, color, texture and yield improvement for a variety of applications, including processed and cured meat, beverages, plant-based, health and wellness, culinary, and pet nutrition. 

FFP believes in improving the food and beverages we eat and drink with ingredients from nature that work. Learn more about how FFP’s natural ingredients can help elevate your next food or beverage while meeting the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s consumer at www.floridafood.com.