Florida Food Products (FFP), a leader in clean label food and beverage ingredient solutions, invites 2022 SupplySide West Exposition (SSW) attendees to visit booth #2445 to sample an array of functional, yet flavorful beverage innovations.

Concepts feature FFP’s integrated beverage solutions that help manufacturers naturally improve flavor profiles while meeting consumer desire for clean labels with functional benefits such as natural energy, mood/stress management, immune support, gut health, and more.

Visitors to FFP’s SSW booth #2445 can learn how to quench consumers’ thirst for new beverages with an assortment of trending, healthy, and functional beverage innovations created for SSW22. All beverages showcase FFP’s extensive portfolio of clean label beverage ingredients with concepts that include:

• Nootropic Mood-Boosting Functional Beverage — Many of today’s consumers are looking for beverages that deliver in both flavor and functionality. This concept provides both, with the functionality of a cognitive enhancer that can boost memory, attention, and other cognitive functions.

Cucumber and Tequila Mocktail — Cool down and refresh with the taste of cucumber and tequila in this effervescent mocktail. Not only does this beverage offer up a real tequila flavor without the actual alcohol, it also features FFP’s Real Cucumber Extract to give the drink a crisp and cooling flavor.

• Javo Nitro Cold Brew — demand for nitro cold brew has soared in popularity and with FFP’s ready-to-drink canned nitro-infused solution, it’s never been easier!

• Charged Green Lemonade — quench your thirst and boost your energy with this charged-up lemonade beverage. This lemonade is boosted with the natural and sustainably sourced caffeine extract of the flavor-enhancing cascara plant.  

• Pineapple Strawberry Hydration + Energy Stick Packs — this refreshing hydration + energy drink mix quenches the thirst and boosts the beverage experience, featuring natural fruit flavors, sweetness without added sugars, and natural caffeine from green tea extract.

Give your beverage ingredients a boost the all-natural way. FFP delivers clean label products offering nature’s finest ingredients with industry-leading functionality and flavor. From real brewed tea, herbals, and coffee extracts, to fermented vegetable juice concentrates, natural clean energy products, fruit and vegetable juice powders, and natural flavors, FFP offers manufacturers all the necessary components to create great-tasting beverages consumers will love.

Please visit SSW Booth #2445 or visit https://floridafood.com to learn more about how partnering with FFP opens up a world of potential for creating the next line of great-tasting, wellness-focused beverages your customers will seek out. FFP offers a portfolio of ingredient solutions including real brewed tea, herbal extracts, and natural and organic flavors — along with vegetable and fruit concentrates — that add great taste as well as functional benefits to an array of products that appeal to today's evolving beverage market.

About FFP 
Florida Food Products, Inc. (FFP) has offered a portfolio of healthy, naturally sourced plant-based food and beverage ingredient solutions for over 65 years. Based in Eustis, Florida, FFP has extensive manufacturing capabilities including extraction, fermentation, drying, and blending technologies, with vegetable juice concentrate and functional food ingredient production facilities in Florida, flavor creation and production in Melville, NY and Marlton, NJ and premium brewed tea, coffee, botanicals and natural energy products in John’s Creek, GA and Eugene, OR. Today, FFP is committed to providing innovative clean label solutions that naturally provide exceptional food protection, flavor, color, texture, and yield improvement for a variety of applications, including processed and cured meat, beverages, plant-based, health and wellness, culinary, and pet nutrition. FFP believes in improving the food and beverages we eat and drink with ingredients from nature that work.

Learn more about how FFP’s natural ingredients can help elevate your next food or beverage while meeting the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s consumer at www.floridafood.com.