For the first time, Lay’s, a flavor innovator and proponent of experimentation, is bringing two iconic snacks, Doritos and Funyuns, to market as Lay’s potato chips. 
Shoppers will find the new lineup of “Flavor Swap” flavors hitting shelves in late July.
• LAY’S DORITOS COOL RANCH: Ever wondered what Doritos Cool Ranch flavor would taste like on Lay’s chips? Saddle up, because Lay’s put this iconic Doritos flavor on its iconic potato chips. 

• LAY’S WAVY FUNYUNS Onion: Who said you needed rings to have fun? Get the flavor of Funyuns rings now on Lay’s Wavy potato chips.  
The two new offerings are available at grocery retailers nationwide for a limited time starting today for $3.79 (7.5oz, 7.75oz) and $1.99 (2.625oz).