Freshly Inc., a chef-prepared meal delivery service, launched its first-ever plant-based line including six new purely plant meals featuring plant-based proteins made with clean, whole-food ingredients. 

Developed with a flavor-first approach, the line provides a new category of meals to Freshly users and satisfies ongoing demand for variety, taste, nutrition, and convenience. 

Offering a mix of plant-based twists on classic comfort foods and globally-inspired cuisine, Freshly introduces proprietary plant protein blends including its signature Rainbow Harvest Plant-Based Burger and Purely Plant Crumble, both crafted using clean, one-ingredient pea protein blended with fiber-rich vegetables, legumes, seeds, pulses, and whole grains. Meals can be heated and served in three minutes with no prep required.

The launch combines Freshly’s commitment to innovation with ongoing consumer and industry-wide demand for plant-based meal options. The addition of this line to Freshly’s menu provides a flavorful way to incorporate more plant-based options into consumers’ routines and can help them make small changes on the road to a healthier lifestyle by swapping just one meal per day with a plant-based option. 

 The Purely Plant menu includes:

 • Rainbow Harvest Plant-Based Burger with Sticky Carrot Jam & Summer Veggie Sauté 
This purely plant burger is packed with 7 veggies, spiced lentils, creamy avocado, and quinoa for clean and satisfying plant protein.

• Unwrapped Salsa Verde Burrito with Purely Plant Crumbles 
With tangy salsa verde, brown rice, and red pepper-spiced plant crumbles, company chefs present a hearty burrito—minus the tortilla.

• Indian-Spiced Chickpea Curry Bowl with Basmati Rice, Lentils & Veggies
Turmeric-tinged, Indian-spiced, coconut curry with tomato, cauliflower, potato, and plant protein from chickpeas and lentils.

• Farmstead Baked Pasta with Melty Cashew Cheeze & Seasonal Veggies 
This dairy-free and gluten-free delight comes with brown rice and lentil macaroni, veggies galore, and creamy marinara made with coconut milk. 

• Creamy Buffalo Cauli Mac & Cheeze with Garlic-Roasted Broccoli 
This plant-powered mac is dairy-free, made with a sauce of tahini, nutritional yeast, almond-cashew butter, and hot sauce.  

• Moroccan Herb Falafel Bowl with Garlicky Hummus & Toasted Quinoa 
Golden and saucy, our falafel pack a punch of fiber and herbs and come paired with peppers and a protein-packed blend of lentils, quinoa, and brown and wild rice.

All meals are available to order now, with delivery for the first three options, followed by three more starting August 22. Customers can order as part of Freshly’s 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12-meal plans starting at $8.49 per meal at