Modern Kitchen, a new brand from The Urgent Company, debuted animal-free cream cheese, offering an option that delivers the  creamy texture of traditional cream cheese. Modern Kitchen Cream Cheese, the second product from The Urgent Company, will be available in three chef-inspired flavors this fall and is naturally lactose-, hormone-, and cholesterol-free. 

The launch of Modern Kitchen marks the first cream cheese made with Perfect Day animal-free milk protein and the first time consumers will be able to enjoy a cream cheese that protects the climate future without compromising on taste and texture.

The Urgent Company uses innovative advancements in science and technology to rethink food and make less of an impact on the planet. The company's first brand, Brave Robot ice cream debuted in 2020 and was met with immediate demand.

With planet-friendly options in demand, Modern Kitchen's animal-free cream cheese comes in flavors inspired by the modern home chef. Strawberry, Spring Onion + Chive, and Harissa Pepper varieties are now available for presale at ($30/3 pack).