Inspired by the belief that food should not only taste good, it should do good too, Gordon Food Service® has unveiled a new program for its customers called Goodfinds by Gordon.

The program's mission is to partner with companies on the cutting edge of foodservice innovation to deliver customers meaningful food solutions that do good for communities, customers, and the planet.

Vendor companies participating in the Goodfinds by Gordon program are vetted by a team of leading industry experts, chefs, brand consultants, and more. Selected partners must excel in at least one of the three pillars of the program: purpose-driven, people-focused, and planet-forward.

The first pillar, purpose-driven, ensures the program's mission of finding meaningful, purposeful food solutions are top priority. These companies are re-thinking processes and food systems; creating innovative plant-based alternatives to be more sustainable; re-thinking approaches to agriculture by growing crops indoors, saving land and water; and ensuring farmers around the world are stakeholders in the entire production process.

The people-focused pillar means our experts look to support companies that share community-first values, including supporting minority- and women-owned businesses, and family-owned farms that can thrive through fair-trade, fair wages, and more.

Planet-forward, the final pillar, details the program's commitment to partners who are putting sustainability and the planet's well-being at the forefront of their food production process.

With the launch of Goodfinds by Gordon, Gordon Food Service believes customers will find new opportunities to broaden their menus, connect with their customers through shared values, and contribute positively to their communities and the planet.