Wedderspoon, a Manuka Honey brand in the US, announced the expansion of its Manuka Honey Immunity Gummy line to the Canadian market. Citrus Manuka Honey Immunity Gummies are for busy families looking for a safe and effective immunity boost. The fruit gummies are made without cane sugar, corn syrup, glucose or artificial sweeteners. The citrus gummies contain 100% of the RDI of vitamin C, selenium and zinc per three gummies serving.

Each serving of three Immunity gummies is crafted with whole fruits like apple, raspberry and kiwi puree, Manuka honey, and essential nutrients like zinc, selenium, and vitamin C to give families the immune support they deserve without the processed sugars that they don’t want. Each bottle contains 10 servings of whole fruit. Citrus Gummies are available at specialty, natural and traditional grocers nationwide, including Nutters, Tau, Fiddleheads, Healthy Planet Canada, and For more information, please visit