With immunity a top priority, Honey Gardens released its new Elderberry Honey Immune Drink Mix featuring elderberry, honey and apple cider vinegar in convenient packets that make it easy to add to a daily regimen of wellness.
Each portable, single-serve packet offers the juice of 150 elderberries* with the sweetness of honey, plus a subtle zing from apple cider vinegar. When mixed with water, Elderberry Honey Immune Drink Mix provides the flavor and support of a ready-to-drink product.
Elderberry Honey Immune Drink Mix is a traditional formulation of classic remedies that have been prized by health seekers for decades. Elderberry Honey Immune Drink Mix offers the best of both worlds—clean and time-honored ingredients that fit into contemporary life.
Honey Gardens was originally founded by a Vermont beekeeper to bring the benefits of raw, unprocessed bee products to the world; today, that goal remains the same as Honey Gardens works to help consumers realize their hive-powered health potential.
Honey Gardens Elderberry Honey Immune Drink Mix is now available at select retailers and online at www.honeygardens.com
*by average berry weight

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