FrieslandCampina published its fourth annual Trend Report. The 2022 edition illustrates three major global trends in the industry: Being my better me, Lovely luxury experiences & Mindfulness on the menu. The report – which also includes micro trends, innovative food concepts and company-owned insights – has been brought to new heights through new segments such as soups, sauces and ready meals, interviews with key opinion leaders and the latest consumer data based on growth hacking methods. Now that the dust is settling from the pandemic, FrieslandCampina’s On-Trend Specials 2022 gives global food professionals the insights and concepts to meet consumers’ ever-changing needs of today and tomorrow.

The 2022 global Trend Report provides global food manufacturers and companies with data, insights and recipes to uniquely position themselves in the market with an innovative and surprising offering. The report captures three major food trends as well as eight underlying micro-trends, supporting manufacturers with precise nuances to cater to their tailored audiences.

The trends
Although they may appear to be subject to local differences, the FrieslandCampina 2022 Trend Report identifies Being my better me, Lovely luxury experiences & Mindfulness on the menu as next year’s global trends, each with their individual micro-trends.

Being my better me
Having seen how fragile life can be during the pandemic, consumers have their ears more actively tuned to that inner voice that advocates healthier choices. Trying to be the very best version of themselves and trying to maintain the healthy habits developed during the pandemic, is becoming an even bigger driver of consumer choices. Consumers are looking to make lasting lifestyle choices in their own way and according to their personal beliefs. Food supporting this endeavor is on the rise. It could be cake that - as well as tasting great - also happens to support gut health, or a low salt cheese in a folded flat-bread. In the quest to ‘be the better version’ of themselves, consumers see these new takes on their familiar foods as the way to ultimately make permanent lifestyle changes.

Lovely luxury experiences
From fantastic fast food to superior products delivered fast, the definition of ‘premium’ is being raised several notches. Special treats that were once available only by visiting a top restaurant now come as takeaways, food kits or even from food trucks. Home deliveries from grocery suppliers focusing on local, fresh and the finest are raising the bar in terms of consumers’ expectations. Now more than ever, consumers want the luxuries that make life lovely wherever they are, and whenever they like! Accessible indulgence is the way forward for 2022. Consumers want surprising pairings that tease their taste buds, like FrieslandCampina’s waffle croissant combo that’s been christened a croffle, or a pizza topping baked on a croissant crust. Consumers seek surprising new experiences as well as over-the-top and luxury versions of the foods they love. Read all about the two micro-trends ultimate indulgence and Hybrid happiness in the report.

Mindfulness on the menu
Now that societies are opening up again, sharing food with friends and family is an important way of resetting and nurturing mental balance after a long period of enforced absence from loved ones. Comforting staples like a social sharing bread work wonders for the body and soul. But it is about more. Consumers have developed a stronger social conscience. They want to care for the people around them, plus they want to nurture and preserve our precious planet. They love to feed friends with locally grown produce, like a home-grown zucchini cake. Finding inventive ways to incorporate leftovers into delicious/indulgent soups, sauces, curries and marinades is another feel-good approach that is kind to the planet as well as the people around you. You can find more information on the two accompanying micro-trends All-encompassing goodness and For the love of leftovers in next year’s report.

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