EverGrain Ingredients, a barley fiber and protein ingredient company backed by Anheuser-Busch InBev, offers ingredients that aim to enable a new benchmark for limited water use, emissions, and land use while ensuring better nutrition and taste. 

The company demonstrated these ingredients at the recent Fi Europe exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany.

“People are talking, and what they’re saying is that they want plant-based options that taste better, are more nutritious, and that truly have a positive impact on the planet,” says EverGrain CEO Greg Belt said. “This was the impetus for EverGrain where, through our ingredients, we have come up with solutions that can improve the taste, sustainability, and nutrition of beverages, bakery, and multiple other applications.”

EverGrain partnered with The Carbon Underground to support its Adopt-A-Meter initiative and will fund the restoration of 1,000 metres of land on behalf of the show’s attendees. Show attendees could visit EverGrain’s booth to take a short survey on topics related to sustainability, and, in turn, EverGrain planned to restore one metre for their time.

“It’s our responsibility to set the food industry on the most sustainable path forward, and this is one of many commitments that we’re making to contribute to the change that our planet so desperately needs,” said Jacqueline Hochreiter, EverGrain’s Global Director of Strategy & Sustainability. “We are excited to expand our partnership with The Carbon Underground and other organizations fighting climate change in 2022 and beyond.”

EverGrain engaged Netherlands-based Blonk Consultants to independently validate its assertion that it can enable protein and fiber ingredients with materially lower greenhouse gas emissions, land use, and water use when compared to most other conventional ingredients. EverGrain shared evidence to support its bold claim with Fi Europe attendees.

EverGrain’s initiative echoed Fi Europe’s commitment to encourage the food and health industries to make changes toward a more sustainable future. The show was powered entirely by renewable energy, which is a major shift from the status quo for trade shows.

Fi Europe was EverGrain’s first major trade show appearance since its launch in January 2021. EverGrain sampled fortified cookies and bread made with its EverVita barley fiber and protein and plant-based milk made with its EverPro barley protein.

“Pushing the food and beverage industry to a more sustainable future is a mission that we cannot achieve alone,” Hochreiter said. “Consumers have amplified the global conversation around food waste, and it’s time our industry did its part. EverGrain’s work in the sustainability arena is just getting started, and we encourage anyone wanting to join the movement to visit our booth.”

About EverGrain
Introduced in 2021, EverGrain is committed to realizing the untapped potential of barley. Our partnerships ensure we have access to a stable, global supply of nutrient-dense barley, and our innovative processes allow us to capture the full potential of this existing natural resource to fulfill our commitment to the planet’s health and longevity. EverGrain transforms barley through upcycling into world-class protein and fiber ingredients to suit the needs of food and beverage brands throughout the world.