Woodstock announced the launch of six new Plant Powered Organic Frozen Pastas. More than 50% of consumers enjoy pasta on a weekly basis, according to the company, and Woodstock’s latest expansion offers families nutritious, gourmet-quality ravioli and tortelloni that are ready to eat in minutes. Produced in Italy, Woodstock’s new frozen pastas are available in vegetarian and vegan varieties with Organic Four Cheese Tortelloni containing 16g of protein per serving. 

The new frozen pastas augment Woodstock’s position as a category leader and driver of innovation throughout the frozen aisle. Available in a family size 20-ounce package, the new frozen pastas are offered in the following flavor-packed varieties:

• Organic Vegan Red Lentil and Eggplant Ravioli – Features a hearty roasted eggplant filling with a well-balanced texture

• Organic Vegan Butternut Squash Ravioli – Offers the indulgent flavors of Fall all year long with garden-fresh taste and freezer-ready convenience

• Organic Vegan Garlic and Roasted Veggie Ravioli – Showcases pillowy-soft pasta squares with a rich, creamy filling of roasted veggies and garlic 

• Organic Spinach and Cheese Ravioli – Features a filling made of spinach and a blend of ricotta, provolone, and mozzarella cheeses 

• Organic Four Cheese Tortelloni – Italian flavors filled with ricotta, provolone, Emmenthal and fontal cheeses. 

• Organic Cauliflower and Cheese Ravioli – Silky blend of organic cauliflower, ricotta cheese and provolone with onion and garlic.

Woodstock is a trusted destination for high-quality, organic frozen products with a wide variety of frozen fruits and vegetables. The new frozen pastas offer consumers quick and simple dishes that don’t sacrifice taste, nutrition, or quality. USDA Certified Organic, Woodstock Plant Powered Frozen Pastas are made with premium ingredients and offer consumers unique, innovative flavors along with classic pasta varieties they know and love. The new line is available at a competitive suggested retail price starting at $10.99 each at retailers nationwide.