Simple Mills launched Nut Butter Stuffed Sandwich Cookies, a nutritious snack that marries nostalgic sandwich cookies with real whole food ingredients. Available in two flavors, Creamy Peanut Butter and Cocoa Cashew Crème, Simple Mills Nut Butter Stuffed Sandwich Cookies are made with nutritious ingredients like nut flour and real nut butter. Nut Butter Stuffed Sandwich Cookies are now available nationwide at Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, Amazon and

Simple Mills Nut Butter Stuffed Sandwich Cookies are a sandwich cookies made with nuts and nut butter for a satiating, anytime snack. Like all Simple Mills products, Sandwich Cookies are made with ingredients consumers can recognize like nutrient-dense cashew flour, cashew butter, organic coconut sugar, and organic buckwheat flour. Creamy Peanut Butter features crispy cookies made with cashew and peanut flour that are stuffed with real roasted peanut butter. Cocoa Cashew Crème is the brand’s take on the classic chocolate and vanilla sandwich cookie, where real cocoa takes center stage complimented by the smooth and creamy, slightly nutty finish and subtle vanilla flavor of cashew butter.

Simple Mills helped to expand market demand for buckwheat, which has promising soil health properties, attracts pollinators, and can play an important role in diverse crop rotations. Nut Butter Stuffed Sandwich Cookies are smartly sweetened with 7g of organic coconut sugar per serving, less than the average competitor, satisfying cravings any time of day without the sugar crash. Coconut sugar comes from perennial trees, which can help build healthy soil by keeping living roots in the ground year-round. As part of an ongoing commitment to regenerative agriculture—which the company describes as an approach to farming that builds ecosystem resilience through principles that consider the holistic context of the farm system—Simple Mills is investing in coconut sugar growing communities to enhance positive ecological and economic outcomes in their sourcing regions.

Simple Mills is working with suppliers, farmers, and partners in Java, Indonesia to advance regenerative agroforestry in organic coconut systems. The brand launched a three-year project focused on empowering farmers and strengthening ecosystems by:

- Providing trainings on organic farming practices and food safety.
- Investing in kitchen renovations and tool upgrades for farming families.
- Testing a new species of coconut palm to increase crop diversity and improve harvesting safety.
- Connecting farmers with technical assistance and seedlings to help implement agroforestry design.
- Nut Butter Stuffed Sandwich Cookies have an SRP of $6.99 at, where you can visit for details on the brand’s full portfolio and more on its commitment to regenerative agriculture.