Kerry’s new Puremul™ texture system helps manufacturers reformulate with a label-friendly, non-GMO alternative that overcomes the existing sunflower supply challenges.  It can replace the use of sunflower lecithin and mono- and diglycerides across multiple applications, including baked goods and plant-based beverages.

Kerry’s “Beyond the Labe”l research found that 82% of US consumers believe a clean label is important, with almost as many actively evaluating ingredients listed on food packaging. Many consumers believe mono- and diglycerides are undesirable ingredients, and more than 60% prefer breads with simple, recognizable ingredients. According to FMCG Gurus 2021 research, 74% of U.S. consumers find natural, non-GMO claims highly appealing and over 70% report they are concerned about the use of synthetic ingredients in products. Puremul addresses these concerns.

“The Kerry Puremul texture system is an exciting ingredient innovation developed out of our long-time research experience with acacia, a natural, sustainable, plant-based ingredient source for food and beverage applications,” says Tim Cottrell, Business Development Director for Emulsifiers, Texturants and Gum Acacia, North America. “We believe manufacturers and product developers in bakery and plant-based beverages will find this an exciting, clean label emulsification alternative for use in both reformulations and new-product development.”

Produced using naturally sourced acacia from the sustainable, drought-resistant acacia tree—cultivated by local farmers in the Sahel region, Africa—Puremul is clean and can be listed on the ingredient label simply as “Acacia, Natural Flavor.” Its many technical benefits include excellent emulsification, high-quality texture and stability, improved process efficiencies, sensory and taste maintenance, and reliable supply available through vertically integrated supply chains. Puremul delivers these valuable properties efficiently and sustainably, and is non-GMO, free from major allergens, certified kosher and Halal-suitable.   

“The global emulsifier market is at capacity and there are significant sunflower lecithin price volatility and supply issues,” Cottrell adds. “Puremul is the only clean label solution in the market that successfully replaces the functionality of sunflower lecithin and mono- and diglycerides, helping product makers meet growing the rising market calls for clean, natural, sustainable solutions. The Kerry team is proud to release this natural-texture ingredient system into the marketplace and looks forward to working with our partners to innovate and create sustainable nutrition solutions with help from this technology.”

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