Human Tonik was developed by Adam Wright, a former competitive triathlete whose battle with chronic fatigue syndrome and its symptoms, such as debilitating brain fog, muscle weakness, and constant illness, left him unable to compete and desperate to break the cycle of illness, recovery, and illness again.

He tried a variety of different greens and nutritional products that were scientifically dosed with full-disclosure labeling but found that regardless of the product he tried, it did little to alleviate his symptoms.

With the help of a top USA nutritional manufacturer, he decided to create a formula for his own Supergreen Tonik and Red Tonik which are multi-nutrient supplements that covers all your essential daily needs and nutrient bases.

The formula has effectively relieved Wright’s brain fog, helped combat daily fatigue and muscle weakness, and with 100% transparent full ingredient labeling, including how much you should take and why you should take it, is now available for others looking for a boost in their energy and wellbeing.

Human Tonik is committed to providing its customers with the following:
• Full Transparency – They believe it is vital that you know what is inside your supplements, and that is why they include a 100% full transparency label.
• Scientifically Dosed – Human Tonik uses real ingredients with proper dosages so that you get the health benefits that you deserve.
• Made In The USA – All their products are proudly manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified facility in the USA.
• 3rd Party Tested – Their supplements are independently third-party tested by Eurofins, one of the world’s leading laboratories.

Supergreen Tonik
This powerful mind and body formula is designed to help you think sharper and feel your best by utilizing an optimal blend of 38 plant-based superfoods, adaptogens, and nutrients that boost your energy, immunity, focus, and overall health.

Their Supergreen Tonik also aids in:
• Fighting off symptoms of colds and flu by supporting your immune system
• Providing you with more energy to thrive every day
• Will supercharge your brain with science-backed nutrients that support focus, attention, and long-term brain health
• Give you a better chance at a quality and deep sleep for a rested mind and body
• Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety

Red Tonik
Created with 13 superfoods and adaptogens for better endurance, cardio performance, and increased circulation, Human Tonik’s Red Tonik helps you perform all day with better cardiovascular health, energy, and recovery.

When drunk daily, the Red Tonik can help with the following:
• Boosting your cardiovascular Health by supporting your heart health, improving blood flow, and helping your body function like a fine-tuned engine
• Give you better strength and endurance so that you can last longer, perform better, stay sharper and get the best results out of your training
• Packed full of polyphenols and antioxidants that fight free radicals
• Reduce the debilitating effects of inflammation in the body, and recover faster from workouts and everyday activities
• Can help give you healthier and younger-looking skin