Liquid Core Gum Company released Life's Gum®. During 2020 the Liquid Core® Team became obsessed with living healthier and smarter. They made many changes to live and work as carefully as possible, sought knowledge and advice from physicians, and researched numerous medical and academic studies. Among the ways to support the immune system, a pattern emerged suggesting Vitamins D3, B-6, C and Zinc could be beneficial for a healthier life.  These core elements, plus BerryDefense® (a proprietary Elderberry, Black Currant and Aronia blend) and LifeinU™ Probiotics, form the unique Life's Gum® liquid center that starts releasing functional ingredients on the first chew.

Life's Gum® is part of the Liquid Core®/SYNAPSE® Wellness & Immunity Line; The Liquid Core® Energy Line includes Apollo Energy Gum®, Golf Gum®, FLY GUM® and OverClocked®. All Liquid Core® brands are designed to offer a more efficient and complete delivery than conventional pressed gum and standard oral formats.

The immune support and cognitive benefits from chewing Life's Gum® may help people with mild anxiety and frustrating "brain fog."  Even people who have avoided contracting the COVID-19 virus describe being forgetful or having difficulty focusing. While the cause of these symptoms is being studied, the research on the cognitive benefits of chewing gum is well-documented and includes enhanced memory recall, reduced stress and improved concentration. 

Liquid Core® selected BerryDefense®, a blend of Elderberry and other clinically validated berry ingredients, which in addition to immunity support gives Life's Gum® added Cardiovascular and Vision benefits. The smooth berry flavor, which transitions over time, is a first for Liquid Core®. The challenges of 2020 caused the company to re-imagine how it could best utilize its unique liquid center delivery system. Each piece of Life's Gum® contains the following Daily Values: Vitamin C, 50%; Zinc, 50%; B-6, 300%; D3, 700%. 

The water-soluble active ingredients in Life's Gum® – not including the Probiotics – can be absorbed sublingually for quick delivery.  Traditional pills and beverages take longer to arrive in the bloodstream because they undergo first pass metabolism, where much of the original dose is lost as it passes through the gastrointestinal tract and the liver. The LifeinU™ Probiotics follow the traditional path, delivering its benefits to the GI tract to nurture a healthy and diverse gut biome.