Consumers nationwide can now purchase Rubicon Bakers' Vegan Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes at more than 380 Sprouts Farmers Market stores nationwide. Sprouts is the latest retailer to feature this creative collaboration between Washington red raspberry farmers and the Certified B Corporation, Rubicon Bakers. The cupcakes will be available for a limited time as part of Sprouts' seasonal citrus event beginning December 26 and running until March 5.

The Washington red raspberry industry partnered with Rubicon Bakers' Research and Development team to feature a Washington red raspberry puree in both the filling and icing, which complements Rubicon's light and citrusy vegan lemon cupcake.

Rubicon Bakers helps people rebuild their lives by employing, training, and supporting people in need of a second chance. Many of its employees have experienced significant barriers to employment, including housing insecurity, incarceration, substance use disorders, and other systemic challenges. Rubicon Bakers seeks to "Bake a Better World" through its mission to help transform lives, its conscious business practices, and the sourcing of honest ingredients free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives like Washington red raspberries.

Rubicon Bakers' Vegan Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes use Washington red raspberry puree to create an icing featuring a rich pink hue and sweet-tart raspberry flavor achieved using only raspberries. Grown by family farmers—many of them multi-generational—Washington red raspberries are picked at the peak of ripeness and frozen within hours of being harvested, locking in flavor and nutrition.

The 4-pack of Vegan Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes is part of Rubicon Bakers' popular line of vegan cupcakes available at Sprouts Farmers Market and other retailers nationwide.