From Daniel Lubetzky and the team who helped build KIND Snacks from one outside-the-box idea into a multi-billion-dollar, multicategory, global brand, comes Camino Partners, a business-building and investment platform committed to helping the next generation of entrepreneurs build long-term value with values.

Camino Partners' team of strategic operators steered every stage of KIND's journey to becoming one of the most trusted brands in food, taking KIND from concept to multi-billion-dollar platform with only $5M in primary investment. KIND achieved its success by taking the road less traveled, breaking industry conventions, and empowering consumers to live better without sacrificing priorities like taste and convenience. A pioneer of social entrepreneurship, KIND helped pave the way for authentically purpose-driven enterprises.

Now Camino Partners is ready to put the full breadth of its experience to work by partnering with entrepreneurs to co-found, launch, and build new ventures together — and to take meaningful positions in entrepreneur-led ventures building through the next phases of their growth. Camino Partners looks to team up with best-in-class entrepreneurs whose innovative market solutions have the proven ability to defy categories and shift culture while meeting a real need in the marketplace. 

Promising hands-on operating partnership, Camino Partners will work closely with entrepreneurs to navigate the twists and turns of growth, guided not by tried-and-true playbooks but by the values - like integrity, ingenuity, and entrepreneurial spirit – that helped KIND outperform.

Camino Partners' journey has begun with its co-founding of the convenient, better-for-you Mexican food brand, SOMOS (co-founded and led by Daniel Lubetzky, Miguel Leal, and Rodrigo Zuloaga), and its investment in companies like whole ingredient European breakfast and snack brand, Belgian Boys (led by Anouck Gotlib), gimme seaweed snacks (founded and led by Annie Chun and Steve Broad), and CAVA Mediterranean foods (co-founded and led by Brett Schulman).