Tepache, a fermented beverage made from tropical fruit, has a centuries long history in Mexico, but you won't find it outside of a few bars and restaurants in the US. That's about to change with Tepache Sazón, a new expression of this traditional Mexican beverage coming to the US courtesy of importer Back Bar Project. Each bottle of this effervescent, amber liquid is hand crafted in San Pancho, Nayarit, using only three natural ingredients: pineapples, piloncillo (or raw cane sugar), and canela, the cinnamon common in Mexican cooking. Tepache Sazón promises to introduce a new generation of drinkers to this traditional beverage with its distinct, uniquely Mexican perspective.

Although it's not as familiar to American drinkers, Tepache dates back to the Aztecs. The effervescent drink has no single "official" recipe, but it's brewed for everyday occasions and larger festivals by makers ranging from home cooks, to street cart vendors, to chefs in the finest restaurants. Good tepache always starts with a perfectly ripe fruit - usually pineapples - and mixes in herbs, botanicals and a small amount of sugar. You'll find different styles as you travel from region to region, and communities take pride in connecting their very own interpretation with the best ingredients of the season.

Tepache Sazón takes part in this tradition from its home in San Pancho on Mexico's Pacific Coast. The beverage is made from three ingredients: sweet, locally sourced pineapples, piloncillo (raw cane sugar) and canela, a complex, flavorful cinnamon commonly used in Mexican cooking. The pineapple fields are located only 50 kilometers from the tepacheria, the only production facility of its kind in the region. After the super-sweet fruits go through a fermentation process, they are combined with the raw brown sugar, which is itself milled and boiled down into a caramel like liquid that's dried with a traditional process that uses conical wooden molds.

After a little canela is thrown into the mix the result is a 7% ABV, naturally gluten-free beverage that promises a taste of a long Mexican tradition. Bottled into 375 ml glass bottles and available in packs of four, Tepache Sazón is a light, amber liquid that offers a balance between sugar and acidity. Bursting with a perfectly balanced tartness courtesy of the tropical fruit, you'll find subtle hints of spice and toasted caramel underneath the effervescent fizz, along with a taste of San Pancho.

Tepache Sazón (7% ABV per 375ml bottle) is available for retail at a suggested price of $23.99 for a 4-pack at high end retailers and at some of the finest bars and restaurants in the United States.