Marquis, the Los Angeles-based innovative beverage brand helping people rethink how they drink caffeine with refreshing, lightly-caffeinated sparkling sips, announced the debut of its first botanical-inspired flavor, Lemon Lavender. Addressing consumers' demand for a luxurious, organic flavor profile that is light and crisp, Lemon Lavender joins the brand's portfolio as part of its aggressive growth strategy to stay ahead of the curve in the beverage space by keeping consumers engaged with fresh additions.

Following the launch of Pineapple Passion in early 2023, Marquis experienced 75% growth in total sales in Q1 of this year compared to the same time last year, sparking a new best-seller in its lineup. Now, Marquis introduces a posh botanical blend ahead of summer for those looking to mindfully enjoy a revitalizing, balanced caffeinated sip, with only a fraction of the amount of caffeine other beverages have.

With 2023 trend reports noting lavender as a popular flavor for those looking to food and beverage options as a form of self-care, the botanical's delicate taste and calming qualities are a welcome addition to aid in supporting overall well-being, both mentally and physically1. This uptick in botanical interest amongst consumers alongside Marquis' own brand fans inspired the latest launch, creating a whole new category for the brand that goes beyond its current fruit-forward lineup.

Lemon Lavender is available online at for $34.99 per 12-pack. Marquis is also available in a variety of crafted, sparkling organic fruit flavors in select stores nationwide and online, including Pineapple Passion, Lychee Peach, Citrus Yuzu, Mango Ginger and Super Berry. The drink is packed with 100% of essential B Vitamins, four different antioxidants, and more Vitamin C than an orange. Each can of Marquis is also made with certified USDA Organic, non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free ingredients.