I cannot explain why it's taken me so long to tell you this, but my childhood friend and current neighbor Sherwood Day is a high school teacher. U.S. History. I'm practically begging Sherwood to start a blog of his own so that I'll be spared his constant rambling about William Howard Taft being our last president to wear facial hair. My goodness, Sherwood! I'm preparing a fifteen bean salad here, and I've only been able to include nine varieties of bean thus far. Please, for the love of all that breathes, end your campaign to impress your knowledge of U.S. History upon me!

Forgive me.

He is a teacher though, and therefore engages teen-agers regularly.
Coincidentally, I was reading an article the other day that discussed market tiers in industry, the steel industry being one example. Sheet steel is the top tier and rebar is the low rung.

The article went on to discuss market demographics and referred to teen-agers as the rebar of humanity. I thought that was in the very least amusing.
I relayed the description to Sherwood who grew angry and stormed off down the slender stone path in my back yard, through the grape arbor and into the small labyrinth I shaped with hedges some years ago.

I'm uncertain if he's made his way out of the labyrinth. Perhaps I should go out there and bring him a snack.

By the way, your weekly reduction is here:
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