Not long ago, a man stood up on the bus, looked me in the eye and said, "Why are you alive, sir?"

Initially, the question seemed terribly threatening. But after some consideration, it left me with a hollow feeling followed by panic.

"I do not know the answer to this question" is all I could think. This little troll of crazed human set off a seemingly endless line of questions that spirals into who knows what condensed point of blackness. I distract myself from these thoughts with steak and solitaire. It is true. I have taken to sitting at a small table in front of a window in my living room with a medium-rare steak and deck of cards. There are points when I stare out the window and hear the voice of the man from the bus, but the smell of beef and allure of game play bring me back to my present moment.

I am not here to throw my support behind beef, but I will say that it smells really good. Likewise, I am not here to offer all of my confidence to card games, but solitaire is a past time unmatched. I'm certain, you've played. You will agree that it is a wonderfully simple game. One of the absolute best. Forthright in its ways. Now, though, can you imagine playing this ancient game with a sizzling steak nearby?

Let me be the first to say, it is a calming combination.

Enough of this! You weekly reduction: Articles and videos with sauces and marinades in mind.

If you want to utilize more from your fruits and vegetables, you have to pair them correctly with fat-based dressings.

Flavor, health, uniqueness, value, portability and shareability are all attributes of mini-sandwiches. Innovative menu developers and their supplier partners are crafting small-bite sandwiches that play up these distinct attributes

The cooking sauces and dressings sector has performed well in recent years, thanks to the recession and subsequently slow economic recovery.

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