An egg and a piece of puffed rice walk into a bar. The egg says, "Hey, have you seen my friend bacon?" And puffed rice says, "No. Have you seen my friend milk?" The egg says no, and then with mouth agape points to a dark corner of the bar where bacon and milk are clinking champagne flutes. Puffed rice whirls and shrieks at the scene. It sheds crumbles of tears and puts its head on the bar as bacon and milk finish their drinks and engage in some light necking.

As you're well aware, the egg is not one for confrontation, so it consoles puffed rice and whispers into its ear, "Maybe we should go out to lunch sometime." This makes puffed rice chuckle through its tears and summon the courage to a drink from the bartender.
"A white russian, please." We have two wildly insightful videos for you today that focus on the development and formulation of new products for breakfast foods, cereals and bars. These experts will get inspire you to move beyond the challenges you currently face in your work.

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Breakfast, Cereals and Bars…

Oat Fiber = Benefits & Applications

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