Repeat the word beverage 10 times. I'll give you a moment. Or two. Ready? Unless you have stellar patience in elocution, you will find that at end of sustained repetition the word morphs into something barely recognizable. It becomes cartoonish. It may even make you burst out in laughter. Beverage, beverage, beverage.

Why is this? What is it about this series of syllables that confounds our mouths and lips and eventually brains. The word in fact takes on some properties of liquid, moving away from center, never in absolute balance. It's mysterious. And we like it that way. No need for Google searches. We will agree to allow the mystery of the word to carry on, and raise our glasses, wine or water, to that which we will never know.

But you shall know something new. Yes!
Educational videos below! Experts revealing secrets worth knowing.

Your weekly reduction… video presentations concerning the development and formulation of beverage products.

Processing low pH protein-fortified beverages Comparing traditional soy with new transparent soy protein

Taste Modulation:& its Effect on the Perception of Flavor

Thermal Processing of New Age Beverages

Sports Nutrition and Heart Health

Thermal Processing of New Age Beverages

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