Organic and Naturals. Yes, they have become fundamental to many of our formulations. And why shouldn't they? What is more natural than the eating of food and the drinking of drink. We all must do it.
Our very nature depends upon it. And so there, natural… organic.

Now, before we get to the research and trend pieces you've all come to peruse, I must mention that yesterday was Valentine's Day. What a contentious day for some, and a blissful party for others. For me, well, it's like any other day. I wake, I drive, I eat, I speak, I write, I plan, I fight naps, I drive some more and then eat some more before falling into a sleep so deep that I find myself waking and wanting to do it all over again.

I do love candy though. I bought myself a small heart-shaped box of chocolates yesterday. I watched myself in the mirror as I ate all seven of them. It feels good to admit it. I love candy. Between you and I, there is no difference between Valentine's Day and Easter, save for the fact that on Easter I am free to drape myself in pastel.


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Articles concerning organic and natural aspects of food product development and formulation.

The European Food Safety Authority has published guidance for assessing nanomaterials in food and animal feed.

Across a variety of measures, consumers indicated that local food is a much more important consideration than organic food.

Customers are partial to natural ingredients, as their clean label tags will earn them a positive brand image among consumers.

More consumers today report that they consume local, organic, natural and sustainable foods at least once a week.

Natural versions of brands are popping up everywhere to adapt to the rapidly changing food world in America.

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